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Shamwow review Comments
Shamwow Complaint

Shamwow Complaint

Shamwow review - Shamwow

Shamwow s (ScamWow) don't work, don't waste your money!
I don't know how some people lie in these commercials and steal people's money.
They are criminals...

BEWARE AND DON'T ORDER Shamwow ONLINE as it's a trap to get your credit... More...



LIBBIE says: (8 years ago)

joemarotta says: (8 years ago)
These are horrible.The arragent dun that does the tv ad was put in jail for drugs and now hes back on tv again for shamwow.They are like trying to soak up spills with a plastic bag.any other cloth will work better and once you wash them folling the instructions there even worst.Its the biggest rip off iv ever fallen for.Using them on windows is also compaired to using a plastic bag to soak water up

fndwggn says: (9 years ago)
swimmer, I'm sorry that you guys use something for swimming that you need to dry off in the sun. I was a diver and we used shammies that were completely dry once rung out. They're a bit more rubbery than the shamwows, which are really just squares of non-absorbant felt. Real shammies are great, that's what everyone whould be looking for. Shamwows are absolute garbage

kasdklasdlk says: (9 years ago)
u are all fuck heads

vincesucksbillyrox says: (9 years ago)
i just baught these, they work pretty good. i tried every test they did in the comercial and all worked except the shirt one, but its dumb that they copied all there demos from the zorbiez, R.I.P. billy. go to www.youtube.com/bennor3 for some funny youtube videos.

shamwowsucks says: (9 years ago)
ok so first of all me and my bro tried it on a tee shirt. we used the ORANGE one so don't post bs saying we used the wrong one. it didn't do CRAP!
we THEN poured water into a small cup. again we used the ORANGE one. it first soaked up the water, but when i tried drying it, it left streaks.
now for the BLUE/PURPLE one
it did the SAME crap as the orange one
we even tried to just dry up water from the window. it SMEARED and made a bigger mess, which my bro just cleaned up with BARGAIN BRAND towels..
we even tried it WET. but think about it, how the F*CK is a WET towel gonna DRY something???

qhsa92 says: (9 years ago)
look, the shamwow is the world's BEST scam!
this thing drips like hell. not just one drip, this drips a million times.
the shamwow smells really bad once wet.
it leaves lots of streaks
and to suck up water from the carpet, it will take you like several hours just for 1L of water.

ChenZen says: (9 years ago)
It's true. Shamwow does not work. They absorb as much as a sponge, so don't waste your money and just buy supermarket sponges.

KillARetard says: (9 years ago)
you retards in the video... you were using the blue ones.. the blue ones is meant for kitchen use... try using the orange one cheap asses

creativevoid says: (9 years ago)
more SHAM than WOW

Does not even soak up enough water to dry a small plastic storage container -- the kind you use for leftovers.

Ah, the power of advertising.

mindash says: (9 years ago)
Ok so my mother has been using these German towels since i was a baby (I'm 26 now) and they do work extremely well and she swears by them but she got hers from actual German companies not this scam artist so maby his are not true quality but i will say that the traditional Orange/Yellow german Shamees as they're traditionally called do work and stay working for years so don't just judge them on this mans product and don't have such high expectations because they're not magic but this guy (shamwow) is making them out to be better than they really are but they're still worth investing in

Joshb says: (9 years ago)
If you notice on the TV commercial... when he first pours the cola on the rug the excess soda is moving toward the camera from under the rug. When they cut back to the piece of carpet, the excess soda has mysteriously disappeared before he even starts to use the shamwow. Obviously, there is an edit there because he initially put too much soda on the piece of carpet. What a scam.

nats says: (9 years ago)
So i have a SHAM WOW and it works the carpet one that you are showed if you had used the orange one it would have worked

Coloradosucker says: (9 years ago)
Shamwow is a scamwow. I tried to use it to dry my car and it left so much water on the car I had to use another towel to finish the job. These things suck

09gmcz71 says: (9 years ago)
i tried the shamwow on my black truck after i washed it and it plain sucked...i alwas used the absorber which is a regular chamois and it works a hundred times better...havent tried it on anything else tho.

acustomer says: (9 years ago)
I bought mine yesterday from zellers. Of course I read the *instructions* that came with it...to all those people who tried it on carpet or whatever,...read the *instructions*...it says you have to FOLD IT SEVERAL TIMES AND LEAVE IT ON THE STAIN FOR 10 MINUTES!!
I did this and it worked for me! The piece of old carpet I tried it on was close to dry after 10 minutes...I'm very happy with it and I'm keeping mine.

SatisfiedGuy says: (9 years ago)
Btw like hte other perosn sed the video DOES show that it works. Besides, shamwow is suppose to br wet before use, so obviously they didnt pick up as much water

DisappointedAlaskan says: (9 years ago)
My Shamwows came in today, so of course I had to try them out. I filled the sink with water, then submerged a Shamwow. When I pulled it out and wrung it dry, it filled a bowl with exactly 3 cups of water. Not bad, but not that awesome either. I mean, the Shamwows are huge - like 4 regular washcloths.

But anything can absorb water from a basin. The infomercial advertised that the Shamwow actually drew water out of the carpet, like a vacuum. So I placed a regular washcloth on my kitchen counter (tile, not wood). Then I poured exactly 2 cups of water over it, soaking the washcloth and leaving a small puddle on the counter. Then I soaked it up with a Shamwow. After it had soaked thoroughly, I wrung the Shamwow into a bowl and measured. It absorbed only 1/2 cup. That is only a quarter of the volume of water that I poured on the counter! So I applied the Shamwow again, just like in the infomercial. It pretty much absorbed nothing the second time. I was able to wring more water out of the original washcloth than the Shamwow (on the second time). So the Shamwow cannot suck water out of another absorbant medium, such as carpet or a washcloth. It can only absorb water in excess of the soaked material's saturation point. Well anything can do that! It seems the Shamwow has only a high water-holding capacity, not any special "active absorption" properties. And even that is not so impressive, considering how huge the Shamwow is. Of course it can hold a lot of water. But no more than a regular chamois or sponge of the same size.

I thought the product would be made of vermiculite or something, which really does have awesome absorption properties. (Makes the best stuffing for baby diapers.) But it seems to be made of plain old felt. I guess the Shamwow is a Scam-wow.

SatisfiedUser says: (9 years ago)
Pardon me but the video shows that the product DOES WORK -- despite the fact that the guy used the smaller size (i.e., less absorbing power), used it right out of the box (the towels improve with use), and failed to wring it out completely. Still, the little towel picked up more than half the water her poured onto the carpet and would have absorbed the rest of it had the guy continued working with it(I say this based on my own experience pulling up a gallon or more of water out of a soaked carpet).

CultureVulture says: (9 years ago)
The mop hardware self-destructed on first use. Don't waste your money. The shamwow absorbs, but it doesn't clean.

dumbmovie says: (9 years ago)
that guy has obviously never cleaned a carpet before. he's being so gentle with it. he didn't pound it down like the guy in the commercial or even rub hard. what a sissy

shamwowreviews says: (9 years ago)
For more Shamwow reviews please visit: http://shamwowreviews.net

crocdancinggranny says: (10 years ago)
I have used these Cham Wow's- Chamois for 25 years and I wouldn't use anything else on my car and around the house!!! The problem is they do not show you how to use them correctly!! Wash them first, keep them out of the dryer, and when I use them on my car use them folded and in one direction! And I wouldn't use anything else in the kitchen for a dish cloth!! And make sure you buy the best quality I believe they are around 240 gram weight.
Good Luck

swimmers101 says: (10 years ago)
I am a swimmer and we use something similar to this- shammies. Pretty much exactly the same thing. It works incredibly! We use a medium sized one in lieu of a towel and then just leave them in the sun to dry. You can get the one that actually works at any swimsuit store without the trickery or shipping and handling.

Moattoad says: (10 years ago)
They are also charging sales tax for a product that is shipped across State lines. Which State are they charging it for?

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