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Self Comments
Shamwow Complaint

Shamwow Complaint

Self - Shamwow

Well, I feel like a complete FOOL!!! I called & ordered the 1 - yes, I said ONE - order to see if they really worked. When I went to check my online banking 2 days later I was charged with 5 - YES COUNT THEM FIVE!!! - orders, which with shipping added up to... More...



Helper says: (9 years ago)
Banks can't stop a payment on a debit/credit card payment, because we have to use a certain dollar amount, and if the company changes it by even a penny, the charge can go through. I work for Bank of America, so I know this first hand. If you have Bank of America, there is an option in your online banking for a "shop safe" transaction, where a temporary credit card is created for a day, and it will authorize up to a dollar amount that you specify, and it will only be good for that day, so they can't continuously charge your card.

decadentplum says: (9 years ago)
as far as you bank "stopping payment" that is not possible nor legal. once authed on a card banks are obligated to pay the item. they can however dispute the charge and get your money back, and a good bank may give provisional credit so from the cust's standpoint, it may seem like a stop payment, but it isn't. also, be aware, provisional credit can be reversed.

Shammeh says: (10 years ago)
Sorry man, there's only one way out.
That's right.
Kill self.

cybilshepherd says: (10 years ago)
my bank had no problem stopping payment on a similar scam i encountered. they wouldn't give me a refund, and i had not received the product, so i had bank of america stop the payment. try it.

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